idomainHOST offers a simple–to–use website creator which you can leverage to set up your website without the need of having to write a single line of code. It is really easy to get the knack of, with a pretty familiar user interface. The website creator has a raft of one–of–a–kind templates which could work for lots of site projects, and every website template supports lots of color and layout options. And to top it all off, all website designs are responsive and work flawlessly across all devices.

The website creator is present with all cloud web hosting, VPS web hosting, Linux semi-dedicated hosting services, and Linux dedicated hosting services setups, as long as you pick the idomainHOST Web Site Control Panel.

A simple–to–operate website creator

No technical knowledge is needed

The website creator incorporated into the idomainHOST Control Panel is extremely simple to use. It allows you to create your own unique site via simple point–n–click actions. You will not have to comprehend CSS or some other programming language. If you have utilized an app or perhaps a text editor, you will already know how to use the website creator.

Using its site editor, you can drag–n–drop page components the way you like and personalize them with a mouse click. Also, you could include photos, videos, and even your own e–cart, etc. in no time.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A variety of easy–to–redesign templates

Super cool design templates that look flawless on every device

To design the perfect website, you’ll need to build a good foundation. This is exactly why, the idomainHOST’s website creator has a decent selection of different design templates, ideal for any sort of site – individual pages, online shops, forums, and so on.

Every design theme is easy to personalize, with lots of layout schemes, different color options and inbuilt support for well over 100 fonts. You could change each of these options with a click. Plus, to top it all off, if at any time you wish to switch your theme and select a new one, all modification you’ve implemented will be switched over instantly.

A variety of easy–to–redesign templates

Integrated help area and step–by–step videos

Discover just how quick it really is to launch a site

The idomainHOST’s website creator has a help desk which features comprehensive step–by–step articles and videos inspired by the most frequently asked questions by users.

You’ll be able to find out how to modify your site template and launch a brand new web page. Besides, you can discover how you can switch your current theme or perhaps add a blog onto your site.

Also, you could make contact with us anytime if you need real–time help with your site.

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